Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Recording: Nidus

Artist: Nidus

Song: Accumulations [three excerpts]

Recorded at Ratio (Accumulations: a 6-hour symbiotonotopic experiment), August 16, 2015.

Nidus - Accumulations [excerpt 1]

Nidus - Accumulations [excerpt 2a]

Nidus - Accumulations [excerpt 2b]

Nidus - Accumulations [excerpt 3]

After a few more "standard" gigs, Marc Couroux, Jason Doell and Matthew Ramolo upped the ante with this six hour "symbiotonotopic experiment" unfolding over an afternoon and evening at Ratio. Billed as a casual, drop-in-as-you-please affair, the marathon set heightened the band's investigations of the liminal spaces between foreground and background music as it surged and oozed along. I was on hand for about two-and-a-half hours (though I will confess I ducked out in the middle of that to grab a slice at Fresca) and in the third of the whole that I was on hand for the music ranged from austere chamber synthdrones to sci-fi dubscapes to percussive crests to weird swing to get-your-chant-on — suitable to massage all of your brain's zones.

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