Friday, September 4, 2015

Recording: Bears and Children

Artist: Bears and Children

Song: Still

Recorded at The Cavern Bar, August 23, 2015.

Bears and Children - Still

I'd heard from friends who had been that The Cavern Bar had an unusual vibe for a gig, and this first visit confirmed that. Off the usual music venue grid on Church Street, the basement room is as much a watering hole for patrons of the hostel above as a destination for music seekers, leading to some random interactions and moments of bands playing to as many blissfully indifferent patrons as folks there for the show. Leading off a night of experimental music and art rock, Bears and Children fared reasonably well with their pop-laced glitchprog. The songs hyperactively skipped from one sound to another, steered by a trio employing electronics, laptop, guitar and violin. (The latter was provided by Ben Sirois, who I recognized from his work both with The Flowers of Hell and as an improviser.) Things got a little too jumpy for me at some points, but the group sound somewhat more measured on their bandcamp releases.

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