Thursday, September 10, 2015

Recording: Moon King

Artist: Moon King

Song: Secret Life

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Wavelength 678: Camp Wavelength – Day 2), August 29, 2015.

Moon King - Secret Life

You can read my general notes on Camp Wavelength here. When Maddy Wilde gets a chance to take a lead vocal, the sudden changeover from Daniel Woodhead's gusto often leaves her a little lost in the mix. Quite pleasing, then, to hear her coming through clearly here on the title track from the band's recent album. Woodhead, meanwhile, climbed around the stage as much as ever but still found time to give his customary T.O. shout-outs and even to convince the crowd to quiet down for for a few seconds to listen to the island around them.

[Moon King will be opening for Youth Lagoon at The Opera House on Sunday, October 25th.]

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