Saturday, September 12, 2015

Recording: ANAMAI

Artist: ANAMAI

Song: Lucia [Gibraltar Point Beach naptime remix]*

Recorded at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Wavelength 678: Camp Wavelength – Day 3), August 30, 2015.

ANAMAI - Lucia [Gibraltar Point Beach naptime remix]

You can read my general notes on Camp Wavelength here. Usually playing as a duo these days, Anna Mayberry and David Psutka were joined by HSY's Jude and Doomsquad's Allie Blumas (who used to play with the band regularly) plus Ami Spears on drums. Ironically, the greater numbers led to a set that was very quiet and minimal (even by this projects' standards), like Mazzy Star channelling the Velvet Underground's stillest moments — or as Anna Mayberry declared between songs, like naptime.

* During this set, I was powerfully moved by the idea that it should have been taking place down on the beach, with the Lake Ontario waves lapping at the shore in the background. So right after the band was done, I went down to the beach to stand ankle-deep in the water for a spell, recording the waves as they came up to meet me. I've mixed the two recordings together here. In the live-music-recording game, this is known as "cheating", but I was rather compelled by the duality here of the song getting quieter and slower as it went along juxtaposed with the waves slowly building up and getting louder — and in the end, slowly wiping the song out as the waves might patiently unbuild a sand castle on the beach. If that's all too much, I have a more straightforward recording of the song posted here.

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