Saturday, September 5, 2015

Recording: Loom

Artist: Loom

Song: It is Love

Recorded at Ratio, August 27, 2015.

Loom - It is Love

Like Picastro, the headliners on this cozy night of experimental pop at Ratio, Brooke Manning's Loom project has seen its fair share of notable local musicians assist in recognizing her musical visions. The group is currently a trio with Manning backed by Todd Macdonald (of Silver Pools) on drums and John Harry (who also plays in the much more metal Demonic Possessor) on ukulele and effects. The latter instrument might surprise someone who was listening with their eyes closed, as the sonic output, located somewhere up a mountain of chorus, often sounded more like a synth adding texture to Manning's songs.

Word is the band is heading into the studio this fall to begin sessions on a new album, but for now here's a tune from the older Epyllion — an excellent album that would be on my list of great T.O. albums from the past five years. (It just happens to be available for download on a "name your price" basis over on bandcamp, so you really should be grabbing it if it's not in your collection.) Achingly romantic and revolving around Manning's proclamation of "if I die — I mean when I die — I want to see you the moment before I close my eyes", it's hard to know why this song isn't on a thousand soundtracks and a million yearning mixtapes.

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