Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Recording: Dominions

Artist: Dominions

Song: Vice Regal Salute [edit]

Recorded at Jam Factory (Intersection 2015 – Day 2 / The Music Gallery's Departures Series), September 6, 2015.

Dominions - Vice Regal Salute [edit]

Never one to hew too closely to composerly decorum, this new band (don't call it an ensemble) from Jason Doell debuted with a declaration that it would only exist for two or three gigs and then break up. Very punk rock — as were the (unintentional) squeals of feedback that punctuated this performance in a stiflingly-warm Jam Factory. The group's proclaimed unlongevity and the sound problems (to say nothing of Doell's propensity for subtly-didactic titles) should not, however, distract from the tastiness of the music. Playing guitar and joined by Anastasia Tchernikova (piano), Evan Lamberton (cello), and Eslin McKay (violin) the two pieces performed offered Doell's characteristic use of fraternizing textures rather than melodic development — suitable to lean back and listen to the music rustle up against the whispers of the DVP creeping in through the windows.

[After this offsite excursion, the Music Gallery's season gets going at St. George the Martyr Church with Friday's presentation of In the Sea (featuring Tristan Honsinger) and The Visit — and leading up to next month's X Avant Festival.]

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