Thursday, January 22, 2015

Recording: ZONES

Artist: ZONES

Song: Sandglow*

Recorded at Jam Factory ("Feast in the East 44"), January 3, 2015.

ZONES - Sandglow

The first weekend after New Year's Eve is often a deadzone for gigs, a gap that Feast In The East has been filling for a couple years now. As the night's best gig in town, this drew a full room to the other side of the DVP, offering a very tasty Dutch meal and a quartet of bands you'd want to stand up and move a little to.

This night was led off by tropical-wooze duo ZONES, who may have sounded better than any of the times I've seen 'em before — there's a delicate balance of haze and clarity that can easily get wrapped up in the former in a live setting. The sound gave some of their newer material a real chance to shine — and on tracks like this one, a chance to see just how much Kat Murie is adding to Derek McKeon's artistic vision. With its vaguely-reggae feel, this tune comes off like a bizarro-world Stranger and Patsy number — you can't really make out what Murie is answering in the back-and-forth vocals, but the underlying idea is still well expressed.

[The next Feast in the East, on Saturday, February 7th, is more of a mellow affair, but offers a no-less-impressive lineup including EONS, Matthew "Doc" Dunn, Jooj (Sook-Yin Lee & Adam Litovitz) and Alex Lukashevsky.]

* Thanks to Derek for passing along the title to this one.