Sunday, January 11, 2015

Recording: Kith & Kin

Artist: Kith & Kin

Songs: My Mother Is the Ocean Sea [Wade Hemsworth cover] + ՍԻՐՏ ԻՄ ՍԱՍԱՆԻ (Sirt Im Sasani/My Heart Trembles) [traditional]

Recorded at The Music Gallery, December 14, 2014.

Kith & Kin - My Mother Is the Ocean Sea

Kith & Kin - Sirt Im Sasani

As has become a holiday tradition, Ivy Mairi, Martha Farquhar-McDonnell, and Kathleen McDonnell brought a variety of seasonal songs to a packed crowd at the Music gallery. And not just the Christmas season, as Easter and midsummer were also referenced in songs old and older. The first here was written by Wade Hemsworth for the soundtrack to an industrial NFB short on seaweed harvesting (you can see some of the footage and in Kith & Kin's recent video for the tune) and the second is a traditional Armenian hymn, ambitiously tackled with their choir among their usual store of shape-note songs. Very beautiful stuff, and a highlight of a show that is always an annual favourite.

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