Sunday, January 25, 2015

Recording: Tenderness

Artist: Tenderness

Song: 99 + 1

Recorded at The Great Hall ("Long Winter: Year Three, Volume Three"), January 9, 2015.

Tenderness - 99 + 1

It was a treat to get another chance to hear Chrissy Reichert's new tunes again — anticipation for the spring release of her new album remains high. The material ranges from slow-dance cuddles to dabke-force gallops — this recent single comes up somewhere in the middle. Once again, Steve Reaume's projections added the right counterpoint, moderating the room's mood (there had been some hearty moshing earlier on) towards a tripped-out dance surge.

[Tenderness will be playing the final night of Wavelength's fifteenth anniversary festival (Sunday, February 15th at The Garrison).]

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