Friday, January 23, 2015

Recording: Money House

Artist: Money House

Song: Stefan Feeds the Tiger

Recorded at The Emmet Ray, January 5, 2015.

Money House - Stefan Feeds the Tiger

I first encountered guitarist Patrick O'Reilly via Audiopollination (more re: which still to follow) and was impressed enough with his styles to trek down to The Emmet Ray on a frigid Monday night to check out one of his own projects. Money House (named after an aspirational incense brand) is a trio that sees O'Reilly playing alongside Alex Fournier (bass, banter) and Stefan Hegerat (percussion) in a sort of unflashy jazz moderne style, playing mostly originals (though with a couple standards, including some Monk, thrown in). This was pleasing throughout, but there were some particularly interesting moments, including this cut which pays off big-time by cashing in subtle groove dynamics in exchange for a more atmospheric approach.

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