Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Recording: New Fries

Artist: New Fries

Song: Oil & Water

Recorded at The Tranzac – Southern Cross Lounge ("Tranzac New Year's Eve"), December 31, 2014.

New Fries - Oil & Water

With the recent-ish addition of Ryan Carley's keybs to the lineup, there's an additional layer of woozy instability underlying New Fries' live sound. I don't wanna get too highfalutin' about it — 'cause it's still rock'n'roll to me — but New Fries is increasingly coming across as trying to resolve a dialectic of groove and anti-groove (to say nothing of vibes and anti-vibes) and heading into a space where the tense opposite of a thing becomes a thing.

[New Fries will be helping to represent "the future" at the last night of Wavelength's fifteenth anniversary festival at The Garrison on Sunday, February 15th.]

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