Friday, January 2, 2015

Recording: Steve Kado with Ensemble

Artist: Steve Kado with Ensemble

Song: 2003 [excerpt]

Recorded at Array Space, December 2, 2014.

Steve Kado with Ensemble - 2003 [excerpt]

Being played in a more acoustically-refined setting (than at, say, a lakeside grandstand or rock hall stage) and with a more robust instrumentation (than, say, with a guitar army, keyboardklatch or, um, solo drum machine) pushed this composition a little further towards Terry Riley's "In C", which is one of its points of inspiration. But the music surrounding the thubthubthubthub of the drum machine was lovely on its own merits, and rather entrancing as the composition eased from cell to cell. [The ensemble, on this occasion, was: Steve Kado, vibes; Adam Litovitz, piano; Colin Fisher, banjo; Charlie Murray, bass; Ian Russell, guitar; Val Uher, guitar; Isla Craig, piano; Mani Mazinani, vibes]

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