Thursday, January 15, 2015

Recording: Ian Russell

Artist: Ian Russell

Song: unknown*

Recorded at Double Double Land, December 21, 2014.

Ian Russell - unknown

Ian Russell — formerly of beloved local urban roots unit $100 — has been keeping a bit of a lower musical profile lately, but the keen-eyed will have spotted him with guitar in hand popping up at casual events here and there. On this night, he took the stage as an unscheduled opener to tide the full room over a spell while Jennifer Castle's set was delayed a bit. It's a musical fit, for even without lyrical content, the sweeping acoustic guitar suites that Russell is playing here were just like an old-school Castlemusic set — fragments of songs drifting together, faintly familiar and settling in like old friends.

* Does anyone know the title to this one? Please leave a comment!

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