Monday, January 12, 2015

Recording: Planet Beach

Artist: Planet Beach

Songs: [two improvised sections]

Recorded at The Tranzac (Tiki Room), December 15, 2014.

Planet Beach - [third part]

Planet Beach - [fifth part]

An intimate last-minute show in the rumpled den that is the Tranzac's Tiki Room, this set saw Bernice's Philippe Melanson (percussion) and Robin Dann (vox) playing alongside Montréal friends Mike Bjella (sax) and Gabriel Drolet (double bass). The sense of hearing the ghosts of songs was enhanced by the fact that occasional disembodied voices would carry over from the open mic in the next room, embroidering the group's sonic rustles. Largely improvised, Dann was more of an equal instrument here than a lead voice, singing phrases from found tracts and pamphlets. The outcome was quiet and restful, as relaxing as a trip to the spa.

[Expect some more sonic abstractions when Robin Dann is joined by Claire Harvie and Phil Melanson as part of the Felicity Williams-curated upcoming Emergents showcase at the Music Gallery on Friday, January 30th.]

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