Sunday, January 11, 2015

Recording: Karen Ng Trio

Artist: Karen Ng Trio

Song: Mean To Me [composer: Fred E. Ahlert]

Recorded at The Emmet Ray, December 15, 2014.

Karen Ng Trio - Mean To Me

I got no kick against straight-up jazz, even if these days I tend to head out more often to see the weirder, freer tendrils. And I certainly dig the cozy backspace at The Emmet Ray, even if they tend to cater more to the former than the latter. So it was nice to see some familiar faces joining together, making it well worth it to head out for a casual evening of standards. Karen Ng (alto sax) was joined by Chris Banks (double bass) and Even Cartwright (percussion) for a couple sets that tackled Monk, Ellington, and so forth, including this tune which is probably best remembered from Billie Holiday's rendition.

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