Saturday, January 31, 2015

Recording: Michael Rault

Artist: Michael Rault

Song: Too All My Friends

Recorded at The Silver Dollar Room, January 23, 2015.

Michael Rault - Too All My Friends

T.O.-via-Edmonton's Michael Rault (currently playing live at the front of a four-pice band) might have a hearty taste of that Burger Records sound when he rocks out, but some of the most satisfying moments in this set came when things slowed down. This slice of bellbottom soul (title sic) casts Rault as sonic kin to locals The Pinecones a bit more than to the snarling garage band of your choice.

[Rault will be playing a tour kick-off gig alongside Blonde Elvis, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs and BART at Johnny Jackson on Monday, March 2nd.]

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