Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Recording: Owen Pallett

Artist: Owen Pallett

Songs: Soldier's Rock + Song for Five & Six

Recorded at Lee's Palace, January 31, 2015 (matinée).

Owen Pallett - Soldier's Rock

Owen Pallett - Song for Five & Six

More matinée shows, please! This afternoon all-ages affair had a rapt crowd (a mix of the under 20's and over 30's) that was out to listen attentively instead of just drinking and hanging out. Besides remarking on them as the cutest crowd ever, headliner Owen Pallett (who was in an upbeat mood all afternoon) also chuckled as he issued a grim prediction to the younger contingent: "I was thinking about, like, having an all-ages show in Lee's is showing teenagers their bleak and terrible future. This is where you're gonna spend a lot of unhappy nights. Get ready!"

Still playing with Les Mouches bandmates Rob Gordon and Matt Smith, the set focused on last year's In Conflict, but there were a satisfying range of diversions beyond that (Tori Amos cover included!) as they played in front of a glowing, fog-belching crystal construction. And not even fully dark yet by the time the show was done!

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