Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Recording: Khôra

Artist: Khôra

Song: unknown [excerpt]*

Recorded at Huntclub Studio/#WL15 Pop Up Gallery ("Wavelength 641"), February 5, 2015.

Khôra - unknown [excerpt]

This co-presentation with Wavelength was the first event for Invocation TO, a promotional agency from Jay Pollard of Man Finds Fire and Geary Lane. It was also a re-activation of Constellation Records' "Musique Fragile" concept, which has seen two box-set releases of "overlapping circles of Hermetic music". Two of the artists from the first instalment were on this bill, and all three played solo sets. Representing T.O. this night was Matthew Ramolo, who began the night with the drifting formlessness of his Khôra project. This segment has a bit more guitar playing that sounds like a guitar being played, before it becomes atomised and dispersed into the sonic cloud.

* Does anyone know the title to this one? Please leave a comment!

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