Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Recording: HSY

Artist: HSY

Songs: Woulda Coulda + Acid Peel

Recorded at The Garrison ("Wavelength 646"), February 12, 2015.

HSY - Woulda Coulda + Acid Peel

Billed as a launch party on the night before the start of Wavelength's annual festival, this show (with its Yankee headliners and prominent corporate branding) didn't quite have the save vibe the weekend would bring. But still, I liked the way its structure (cheap but non-guaranteed entry with an RSVP) encouraged the crowd to arrive early to see the talented local support acts. WISH played a spirited set but ended a bit anti-climatically with a blown bass cab causing a premature halt, but HSY definitely brought the most energy of the night, roaring through their set. There was a lot of newer material in their setlist, including this one that just came out on a split 7" on Buzz.

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