Friday, February 13, 2015

Recording: The Holy Gasp

Artist: The Holy Gasp

Songs: Heaven Is An Island Where Everybody's Dead/The Mating Song

Recorded at Wavelength Pop Up @ Huntclub Studios ("Wavelength 643"), February 7, 2014.

The Holy Gasp - Heaven Is An Island Where Everybody's Dead/The Mating Song

This was my first exposure to "beatnik-revival conga revolution" The Holy Gasp, though the sing along/dance along audience they brought implied they're already a bit of a phenom. There were also some familiar faces in the crew, including sax player Christopher Weatherstone (also of Lemon Bucket Orchestra) and guitarist Sebastian Shinwell (of the recently-disbanded Clarinet Panic Deluxx). But the most attention-grabbing member of the ensemble was definitely vocalist/percussionist Benjamin Hackman, who brought a bit of maniacal flair to the proceedings. Hinting at moments of Contortions-esque abrasive funk, the band could also veer into aimiably goofy group singalong territory, and is definitely a powerful live unit.

Their new album The Last Generation of Love is coming out on Arachnidiscs' No Love imprint at the end of the month, and their next local gig is Saturday, March 21st at The Silver Dollar. [For arcane technical reasons, the vox are a bit low in this recording, but it gives you an idea of the groove going on. I'll get something better next time I catch the band!]

* Thanks to the band for passing the titles along!

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