Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Recording: Foxes In Fiction

Artist: Foxes In Fiction

Songs: Into The Fields + Ontario Gothic

Recorded at Lee's Palace, January 31, 2015 (matinée).

Foxes In Fiction - Into The Fields

Foxes In Fiction - Ontario Gothic

On last year's excellent Ontario Gothic (available as a name-your-price download!), Warren Hildebrand isn't doing much different than on his previous work as Foxes in Fiction, but his more advanced arrangements and subtly more direct embrace of pop forms add up to something compellingly relistenable. Similarly, there's a bit more spark to the live presentation than there was the last time I saw him perform — back when he was still a local resident. A live band dynamic definitely changes things — for this set he was joined not only by Emily Reo on keybs but also Owen Pallett on violin as well. Add to that a packed-in matinée crowd that was there to watch the bands (even the opener!) without yakking away and this was a really fine experience.

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