Sunday, February 1, 2015

Recording: Jason Sharp

Artist: Jason Sharp

Songs: [two fragments from an improvisation]

Recorded at Huntclub Studio/#WL15 Pop Up Gallery (Wavelength 635), January 25, 2015.

Jason Sharp - [first piece, fragment 1]

Jason Sharp - [first piece, fragment 2]

A cozy night at Wavelength's pop-up venue in Little Italy was also a chance to make the musical acquaintance of Montréal's Jason Sharp, improvising on baritone and bass saxophones. He also has a cool noise element worked out, playing into a mic that runs through a pedal and then a left/right pair of mini amps generating small squalls of feedback. You can hear that in play for these clips on the bari.

[There's a bunch more talks, workshops and shows in the pop-up space over the next two weeks, leading right into Wavelength's fifteenth anniversary festival.]

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