Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Recording: Nick Kuepfer

Artist: Nick Kuepfer

Song: unknown [excerpt]*

Recorded at Huntclub Studio/#WL15 Pop Up Gallery ("Wavelength 641"), February 5, 2015.

Nick Kuepfer - unknown [excerpt]

This co-presentation with Wavelength was the first event for Invocation TO, a promotional agency from Jay Pollard of Man Finds Fire and Geary Lane. It was also a re-activation of Constellation Records' "Musique Fragile" concept, which has seen two box-set releases of "overlapping circles of Hermetic music". Two of the artists from the first instalment were on this bill, and all three played solo sets. Coming down a snowy 401 from Montréal (weather-cursed once more), Nick Kuepfer brought some gorgeous sound wrung from guitar and a pair of reel-to-reel recorders — the latter of which were employed in the creation of glitchy live loops building woozy wow and flutter effects into the emerging soundfield.

* I'm not sure if this was an improvisation or a titled piece. Please leave a comment if you know which/what it is!

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