Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Recording: Fifteen Wavelengths Ensemble

Artist: Fifteen Wavelengths Ensemble

Song: Fifteen Wavelengths: An Ambient Suite [excerpt]

Recorded at Wavelength Pop Up @ Huntclub Studio ("Wavelength 640"), February 1, 2015.

Fifteen Wavelengths Ensemble - Fifteen Wavelengths [excerpt]

Given a chance to co-present this evening at Wavelength's Pop Up gallery, I pulled together this little experiment. Created as a fifteenth anniversary tribute to WL, the structure was a series of fifteen timed synth tones (provided here by Jonathan Adjemian) intended to give the musicians something to accompany. The ensemble for this performance included a selection of awesome improvisers: Karen Ng (sax), Paul Newman (sax), Tom Richards (trombone), Josh Cole (double bass), and Stephen Parkinson (wah-wah melodica). With only a brief written "score" to guide them, this crew did an excellent job, creating an immersive sound-field. There were a few moments where things "merely" drifted along, but many more moments of inspired interplay.

[This was a bit of a special occasion and deserves a fuller representation than this extract presented here. As such, I have posted the entire performance over on bandcamp.]

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