Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Recording: Dan Fortin Trio

Artist: Dan Fortin Trio

Song: Relativity

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("Emergents II"), January 30, 2015.

Dan Fortin Trio - Relativity

This instalment of the Emergents series would later take a turn towards the extra-musical in its second half, with a collaboration between Claire Harvie and Robin Dann creating a whimsical archaeology of their parents' basements, stopping for snacktime en route to the recitals of voicemail messages. But the opening set saw bassist Dan Fortin (Dann's bandmate in Bernice) leading a more conventional trio alongside Michael Davidson (vibes) and David French (tenor sax). Their tunes had some straight-up jazz dynamics, but also space for sonic exploration with Fortin integrating pre-recorded musical elements into some of the pieces. This one (composed by Davidson) doesn't have any of those excursions, but establishes a nice groove. Expect to hear some recordings from the quartet version of this unit soon.

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