Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Recording: Absolutely Free

Artist: Absolutely Free

Songs: Beneath The Air + Spiral Jetty [extended mix]

Recorded at Geary Lane, January 30, 2015.

Absolutely Free - Beneath The Air

Absolutely Free and friends - Spiral Jetty [extended mix]

Having followed the band since pretty much the beginning, it was a real pleasure to see how much Absolutely Free has attained, shaping their sound into the refined airy pillars found on their début album. It took a few months, but the band belatedly celebrated its release with a party in the warehouse-style space at Geary Lane — a venue that was sounding quite great despite its cavernous spaces.

The band opted to play two shorter sets, giving them a chance to play most of their material and also close off with something special, a monster jam on the album's closing cut billed by the band as "a one-off collaborative piece between Absolutely Free, Mike Haliechuk (Fucked Up), Joseph Shabason (Diana) & Marcel Ramagnano." This event (with nifty projections and some nice stage dressing that turned the tall white walls into a re-creation of their album art) was also a send-off party with the band heading off to Europe on tour.

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