Thursday, June 30, 2016

Recording: Rob Clutton

Artist: Rob Clutton

Song: [excerpt from a solo bass improvisation]

Recorded at The Tranzac's Southern Cross Lounge (Wolf's Nacho Wednesdays), June 22, 2016.

Rob Clutton - [excerpt from a solo bass improvisation]

Like finding out who cut the barber's hair, it's a useful bit of local musical knowledge that Rob Clutton is the bass player that other local bassists go out of their way to see. Leading off a double-header of great music on a Wednesday evening, there were several of his peers on hand to watch his delicately-thoughtful playing. Though unafraid to throw in some knotty clusters of knocking and plucking when required, most of his playing hewed to the softer side — in a couple moments it looked like he was merely miming bass playing, like a singer mouthing the words to a song, implying something the ear's incapable of grasping. I'd tried to capture Clutton's solo bass work before, mostly to no avail given the quietness of the music and the limits of my gear, but this time I believe I have something with reasonable fidelity to honour the musicianship here.

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