Friday, June 10, 2016

Recording: The Highest Order

Artist: The Highest Order

Songs: Warmfront + Closed Casket (with Andre Ethier) + Right Down the Line [Gerry Rafferty cover] (with Jennifer Castle)

Recorded at Comfort Zone, June 4, 2016.

The Highest Order - Warmfront

The Highest Order with Andre Ethier - Closed Casket

The Highest Order with Jennifer Castle - Right Down the Line

Forgoing the trendy one-information-morsel-at-a-time promotion m.o., The Highest Order dropped sophomore album Still Holding with a minimal gap from announcement to celebration. With the lasers and abstracted visuals (and a New Chance opening set!), this release show was a sort of re-mounting of last summer's basement jam — but this time, down in the depths of the Comfort Zone, the sound was quite fab and the visuals looked even more striking stretched across the wide arc of the stage.

The group ran through the album (including this one with a cool new video), tossed in a couple old faves, ceded the floor to a dance piece and then called up some friends to celebrate with them, bringing out Andre Ethier to amp things up with a Deadly Snakes number and Jennifer Castle to tackle a prime bit of classic-rock FM smoothness.

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