Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Recording: Castor & Compagnie et amis

Artist: Phill Albert + Heather Saumer + Diane Labrosse / Joane Hétu + Pierre Tanguay + Paul Newman + Matt Miller / Pierre-Yves Martel + Jean Derome + Noah Sherman

Songs: [excerpts from group improvisations]

Recorded at Array Space (Somewhere There presents), June 19, 2016.

Phill Albert/Heather Saumer/Diane Labrosse - [excerpt]

Joane Hétu/Pierre Tanguay/Paul Newman/Matt Miller - [excerpt]

Pierre-Yves Martel/Jean Derome/Noah Sherman - [edited excerpt]

To start off this evening of musique actuelle with the reactivated Castor & Co., the group's members were first split up and recombined with some local players for some off-the-cuff improvisations. That lead to some interesting sonic nudges and musical conversations: Diane Labrosse conducting static-bursts with a wave of her hand in the first set to guide the drift of the acoustic elements; Matt Miller returning the electroacoustic favour in the second as Joane Hétu and Paul Newman's gliding saxophones merged in space; and Pierre-Yves Martel's bass-synth rumbulations building a floor for a free-jazz excursion.

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