Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Recording: CCMC

Artist: CCMC

Song: [excerpt from first piece]

Recorded at Ratio (Burn Down The Capital Presents), June 13, 2016.

CCMC - [excerpt from first piece]

The CCMC crew lead off this evening of freewheeling improvisation fresh off a retrospective night mixing together members of the group's various eras. Back in the more familiar form of the current quartet, the group offered joshing banter and bouts of mutual musical destabilization. John Kamevaar was in fine form here, adding momentum with skittering beats and static-y whirrings underneath John Oswald's sax and Michael Snow's piano. Paul Dutton, with just one microphone in Ratio's smaller space, commented on the walls and ceiling drawing in while tossing in a few literary one-liners.

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