Thursday, June 9, 2016

Recording: Colleen

Artist: Colleen

Songs: Lighthouse + Pretty Fly [composer: Walter Schumann]

Recorded at Ratio (Invocation Presents), June 2, 2016.

Colleen - Lighthouse

Colleen - Pretty Fly

Cécile Schott, who records as Colleen, has had some bad luck in Toronto both in the past and in a luggage delay of epic proportions leading up to this show. The warm vibes in this packed room probably served to exorcise some of her bad memories as she deployed her treble viola da gamba and loop pedals to create a series of immersive sound-worlds. Her pieces would often stretch out past the boundaries of the "song" to deconstruct themselves as she'd crouch to manipulate her loops in ambient/dub codas. Besides presenting songs from last year's Captain of None (released by Thrill Jockey records) she dug through her back catalogue and also re-interpreted the lullabye-like "Pretty Fly" from The Night of the Hunter.

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