Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Recording: Drone Therapy Collective

Artist: Drone Therapy Collective

Songs: Drone Therapy Prelude + Coda [edits]

Recorded at The Music Gallery's courtyard (National Drone Day: Drone Therapy), May 28, 2016.

Drone Therapy Collective - Drone Therapy Prelude [edit]

Drone Therapy Collective - Drone Therapy Coda [edit]

An interesting variation on the standard-issue concert. For the third annual Drone Day, the Music Gallery took inspiration from Kristel Jax's drone therapy concept to host an afternoon dedicated not only to sonic drift but also a community discussion around mental health issues. That meant that the ratio of talking to music might have varied from the audience's expectations, but on the whole the event's inclusivity did a nice job of subverting the "brone" template.

This was a safe space for open discussion while the mics were on, so that would have been inappropriate to record, but here's a taste of the music as the event started and finished. The musical participants included: Jess Forrest, Allison Cameron, Oriana Barbato, Kat Estacio, Brett Despotovich, Jonathan Culp, Sage Kim, Abigail Trotsky, Chris Trotter, Brian Random, Johan Seaton, Sid Tangerine, David Jones, Katie Jensen, Scott M2, Jamie Todd, Tony Marasco, and Stefan Vladusic (although not all of them were playing in these two sections).

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