Friday, December 26, 2014

Recording: Still Boys

Artist: Still Boys

Songs: [theme] + [backstory] + [popsong]*

Recorded at The Music Gallery, November 22, 2014.

Still Boys - [theme]

Still Boys - [backstory]

Still Boys - [popsong]

In its mandate to act as the city's centre for creative music, props to the Music Gallery for remembering that it's not just the "highbrow" scenes that have a let's-push-things-forward ethos, and that there are plenty of folks who are experimenting with musical sound and form in the let's-call-it-pop field. MG production manager Adam Bradley is known to folks in that latter realm for his work as part of the Wavelength crew, and it was quite pleasing to see him get a chance to bring his sensibility to this "pop avant" showcase. Being part of a curated Music Gallery program not only allows for a chance to interface with a new audience, but also an opportunity to put on a slightly more elaborate show than usual to an attentive crowd.

Regarding this particular weird phenomena, here's what we know: on the stage is a giant, pyramidal face. It wakes up, giant eye opening, and after muttering, begins to sing to itself. Weird symbiotes emerge, including the creature's independently-wilful tongue, but also a dancing CN Tower. Is it an alien? Is it showing us its true form, or reflecting back to us a fractured version of our own humanity? Did it come to us out a desire to become a "boy band"? And when it invites the audience one by one to climb into its maw, is that meant as a purification ritual, or as a sort of focus group to absorb and digest our musical preferences? So much remains unclear, and further research is required.

* I put these in as placeholders for where they fell within the set's narrative arc. Does anyone know the actual titles to these? Please leave a comment!

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