Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Recording: The Birth of Troubling Forms

Artist: The Birth of Troubling Forms

Song: "Journey to Wisborg" [excerpt from a live soundtrack to Nosferatu]

Recorded at Cinecycle (Sounds & Silents series), October 26, 2014.

The Birth of Troubling Forms - "Journey to Wisborg"

A trip to CineCycle to see a foundational horror flick on the Sunday before Halowee'en was a tasty prospect, made even better by the chance to hear the movie with a live, improvised musical score. The Birth of Troubling Forms features Alan Bloor (violin, metal), Branko Dzinovic (accordion), Michael Lynn (bass), Ambrose Pottie (percussion), and John Creson and Adam Rosen (vocalisations) and was formed for a similar screening a year previously. The atmospheric mix was successful enough that the band has been playing since then, suitable to soundtrack any dread-inducing occasion.

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