Saturday, December 27, 2014

Recording: Nomad Wind Ensemble

Artist: Nomad Wind Ensemble

Song: [last piece]

Recorded at Ratio ("Somewhere There Presents..."), November 26, 2014.

Nomad Wind Ensemble - [last piece, part 1]

Nomad Wind Ensemble - [last piece, part 2]

Nomad Wind Ensemble - [last piece, part 3]

Joining in as out-of-town guests on a night put together by Somewhere There, this quartet for wind instruments is an offshoot of Montréal "emo rock-jazz" combo Nomad, here with Ted Crosby (bass clarinet), Mike Bjella (tenor sax), Simon Millerd (trumpet), and Ben Dwyer (alto sax). Given the interplay and extended tasty gliding, this final excursion from their set is worth hearing in full, but for easier navigation, I've put it up here in parts. [It doesn't look like there's much online to see/hear from the wind side-project, but you can check out Nomad's album here, and you can see these folks (together or separately) down at this end of the 401 fairly regularly.]

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