Saturday, December 20, 2014

Recording: Advice

Artist: Advice

Song: For Friends [excerpt]

Recorded at Double Double Land, November 9, 2014.

Advice - For Friends [excerpt]

There was sadness at DDL on this night as Border Trouble kept the night's headliners away. The openers stepped up to make it an earlier, though still quite worthy evening. First up was this new combo, led by Jonathan Adjemian on his analog synth alongside Chris Worden and Matt Smith (guits), Colin Fisher (baritone sax) and Karen Ng (bass clarinet). Starting with drones and hums, this opened up in a manner suggestive of the emergent metaphor (birth/sunrise/ascendant consciousness) of your choice. A little in a In a Silent Way way, but the closer local point of reference here might be some of Chris Willes' recent work.

There's nothing more slated for this group yet, but speaking of Emergents, Adjemian will be presenting new work in March "for speaking and singing voice, sine waves, and wind instruments" at a show curated by Willes at the Music Gallery. (And while you're waiting for that, be sure to check out Adjemian's latest Hoover Party tape.)

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