Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Recording: Nick Storring

Artist: Nick Storring

Song: [second improvisation]

Recorded at The Garrison ("Wavelength 624"), October 24, 2014.

Nick Storring - [second improvisation]

Celebrating the release of his fab new Gardens album, the only thing not to like about this set was that there was no real way for Storring to replicate its intricately-layered/no-electronics-used sound. So, instead, he brought along cello, clavinet, laptop and other sundry gear for some improvisations that hewed a bit closer to the sort of music he was producing a couple years ago than to the fruits of his current creative burst. It still stands up as a sonic experience, moving from ethereal harmonica haze to chopped'n'glitched cello nibbles.

Meanwhile, Endless Conjecture (Storring's other new album) is also getting a release party next week (Tuesday, December 16th) at Ratio with a set that "will employ an array of different types of speakers (contact speaker, small amps) and instruments".

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