Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Recording: The Space Lady

Artist: The Space Lady

Songs: Synthesize Me + Major Tom [Peter Schilling cover]

Recorded at Double Double Land ("DDL 5th Anniversary, Night 5"), November 15, 2014.

The Space Lady - Synthesize Me

The Space Lady - Major Tom

"I take it from your response to that that you grok psychedelic music," said Susan Dietrich — known professionally as The Space Lady — as a packed-in crowd roared at the conclusion of this set's first song. This special appearance was the capper to a weekend-long set of shows to celebrate a half-decade of DIY culture creation at this Kensington space. It's easy to make fun of the hippie values of peace and love, but as she cranked out tunes on her phased-out Casiotone MT-40, even the most jaded heart was won over by Dietrich's joyful presence and, even for an just one hour, all cynicism was suspended.

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