Saturday, December 6, 2014

Recording: Bile Sister / Bile Sister with Chandra

Artist: Bile Sister

Songs: Reptile Tenaka + Concentration [Chandra cover] + Get It Out Of Your System [Chandra cover, feat. Chandra]

Recorded at Double Double Land, October 17, 2014.

Bile Sister - Reptile Tenaka

Bile Sister - Concentration

Bile Sister with Chandra - Get It Out Of Your System

You think you walk through a timewarp... Back in 1980, twelve-year-old Chandra Oppenheim fronted a band of uptown post-punk types and released a 12" that would eventually become the sort of overlooked obscurity valued by crate-diggers. Cantor, a small Canadian label, would reissue the album in 2008, and the songs would be a source of inspiration to local musician Julie Reich. Bringing things full circle, her band Bile Sister backed Chandra in a joyful set celebrating a new re-issue of the album.

Pulling together the various parts of the show, here's one of Reich's own songs (from last year's FRUITS comp), a Chandra tune that had previously worked its way into Bile Sister's live sets, and one from the set-capping collaboration. Word is that Chandra is getting some new music ready for the world, and I've also heard rumblings that there was a proper video capture of this show, so keep an eye out for that.

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