Friday, December 29, 2017

Recording: Spirit Of The Inner Child


Songs: [excerpts from four sets]

Recorded at Array Space (Spirit Of The Inner Child: Spontaneous Group Explorations), November 22, 2017.

Del Stephen/Paul Newman/Jeff Sinibaldi/David Parker - [excerpt]

Erik Kinsella/Del Stephen/Paul Newman/Heraclitus Akimbo - [excerpt]

Erik Kinsella/Del Stephen/Paul Newman/Heraclitus Akimbo - [excerpt]

Erik Kinsella, Mkl32 & Jeff Sinibaldi - [excerpt]

Conceived as a bit of a musical side-trip while Del Stephen and David Parker (a.k.a. Slow Man Tofu) were on a mini-tour together, this co-presentation with Audiopollination brought the pair in contact with five other players (Heraclitus Akimbo, Jeff Sinibaldi, Erik Kinsella, Mkl32, and Paul Newman) for a night of sonic explorations. Names were drawn from a hat to construct the lineups and each player took part in two sets with a different trio or quartet. The participants seemed to prefer drifting sonic fields to any melodic jousting, and alongside the basses, sax and drumkit there were plenty of knobs to be twisted, radios to be adjusted and buzzes to be buzzed.

You also can catch video of the whole night over on youtube:

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