Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Recording: Kalte

Artist: Kalte

Song: Offworld [edited excerpt]*

Recorded at Handlebar (Nite Comfort 50), November 5, 2017.

Kalte - Offworld [edited excerpt]

It's a real achievement for a monthly experimental music series to reach its fiftieth instalment, so huge props to Aaron Dawson and everyone else who has brought Nite Comfort to life. The event was celebrated with contrasting sets of ambient drift and chilldown beats. The former was provided by Deane Hughes and Rik MacLean, who offered some bugscratches and glacierscrapes in the vein of their Bailey Sessions recording.

[Start off your 2018 right with Nite Comfort at Handlebar on Sunday, January 7th. Details coming soon!]

* Thanks to the band for passing along the title to this one!

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  1. That track is called Offworld, and it's one of our favorites to play live. You can hear a studio version on Quiet Drones 4 on Bandcamp at Cheers!