Friday, December 8, 2017

Recording: The Birth of Troubling Forms

Artist: The Birth of Troubling Forms

Song: Genuine [excerpt]

Recorded at Array Space (Audiopollination Halloween Special), October 31, 2017.

The Birth of Troubling Forms - Genuine [excerpt]

Celebrating the season with costumes and a horror flick, Audiopollination brought together three sets of improvised sounds for a night of Halloween fun. This group of improvised soundtrack-makers was playing behind an abridged version of Robert Wiene's 1921 silent horror flick Genuine. The group this time 'round featured Alan Bloor (amplified metal), Ambrose Pottie (percussion), Michael Lynn (bass + clarinet) and Tina Kiik (accordion) and they vibed off the eye-popping expressionist sets (probably more than the famously elusive plot, which was all the more scattered in a short version of a short version of the film) with quite darkly-tasty results.

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