Friday, December 8, 2017

Recording: The Cereal Killers/Lilly and the Jellybean Machine

Artists: The Cereal Killers + Lilly and the Jellybean Machine

Songs: What's Your Thing?/We Are Girls + [first piece]

Recorded at Array Space (Audiopollination Halloween Special), October 31, 2017.

The Cereal Killers - What's Your Thing? + We Are Girls

Lilly and the Jellybean Machine - [first piece]

Celebrating the season with costumes and a horror flick, Audiopollination brought together three sets of improvised sounds for a night of Halloween fun. A night of costumes felt appropriate as an opportunity to reunite The Cereal Killers, which features improvised punkrock outbursts behind recitations of 90's era toy and cereal commercials from Andy Dolgin (who was rockin' the Ace Ventura look this time 'round). The set also included this pair of classic YTV PSA's from the league of Concerned Children's Advertisers.

The backing band — with Mike Lynn (fuzzy bear/bass) Gord Fynes (Morty/drums) Brian Abbot (cheerleader/guitar) and Kayla Milmine (owl/alto sax) — included new addition Elizabeth Lima (catwoman/clarinet), and once Dolgin had run out of jingles, Lima swapped frontperson spots with him to transform the group into Lilly and the Jellybean Machine, self-proclaimed as "Toronto's primary maybe-wave band", for a second half of freewheeling prowls.

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