Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Recording: Odonis Odonis

Artist: Odonis Odonis

Song: Nasty Boy

Recorded at The Garrison, November 3, 2017.

Odonis Odonis - Nasty Boy

Celebrating new releases from two local groups, this night tempered the rock'n'roll with plenty electronic textures, as well as Romar Johnson's stadium-worthy lighting rig. Despite what that title might make you think, this track is definitely more Broken than Control. Given the way things were heading with last year's Post Plague album, OO's rapid industrialization plan should hardly come as a surprise — the Nitzer Ebb cover they were closing out shows with before taking a break to launch No Pop was hardly necessary to get the hint that this group was going EBM, abandoning their guitars for a full-on harsh-edged electronic sound. Heavy and saturated, there wan't much of a let-up during this set — the more textured comedown pieces that make up the back half of the album were left behind for a non-stop pummelling.

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