Thursday, December 14, 2017

Recording: Sandy Ewen

Artist: Sandy Ewen

Song: [excerpt from first piece]

Recorded at Belljar Café (Track Could Bend #32), November 7, 2017.

Sandy Ewen - [excerpt from first piece]

This month saw TCB moving to a new home — where, auspiciously, the streetcar tracks bend right outside the front door. Being pretty locally focused, it's also an auspicious treat to be able to offer a stage to a visiting musician — although NYC-via-Austin guitarist Sandy Ewen does indeed have some local roots. Armed with only a stereo pan pedal to two amps, Ewen used an arsenal of extended techniques to wrangle creaky sound-sculptures from her strings.

[Start your new year off the best way — the next Track Could Bend is on Tuesday, January 2nd and will feature sets from Bachelard, LUKA, and tendencyitis.]

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