Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Recording: The Blow

Artist: The Blow

Song: Get Up

Recorded at The Garrison, November 15, 2017.

The Blow - Get Up

Last time I saw The Blow in action, it was a full-on dance party with Khaela Maricich shimmying on stage while Melissa Dyne controlled the tracks semi-hidden on a platform behind the crowd. This time, celebrating the relase of their Brand New Abyss album, they were face-to-face, and their closeness and eye contact was central to a show that investigated the transfer of energy between performer and performer — and performer and audience. This science experiment/slideshow unfolded as a sort of series of considerations on the lesbian continuum in the form of a lecture on modular synthesis. But for all of the conceptual art elements, it was still a joyfully groovy experience (on Maricich's birthday, no less!) concluding with this astoundingly-quotable anthem.

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