Thursday, December 14, 2017

Recording: Kat Estacio & beard closet

Artist: Kat Estacio & beard closet

Song: [last section]

Recorded at Belljar Café (Track Could Bend #32), November 7, 2017.

Kat Estacio & beard closet - [last section]

This month saw Track Could Bend moving to a new home — where, auspiciously, the streetcar tracks bend right outside the front door. One of the best things about participating in a something like TCB is in offering a space where community members can come up with cooler ideas than I would have. Phil Hamilton (who performs solo as beard closet and previously played the series as half of Determinist?) proposed this set after seeing Kat Estacio playing at Parkdale Library. Mixing her gongs and laptop manipulations with his guitar treatments, this gelled in a really tasty way, offering more mid-volume rumbles than noisy chicanery.

[Start your new year off the best way — the next Track Could Bend is on Tuesday, January 2nd and will feature sets from Bachelard, LUKA, and tendencyitis.]

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