Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Recording: Stanley Brinks & Freschard

Artist: Stanley Brinks & Freschard

Songs: Tweet Tweet + It's a Hard Life

Recorded at Christie Pits Park – Garden Stage ("Bloor Ossington Folk Festival V") September 20, 2015.

Freschard - Tweet Tweet

Stanley Brinks & Freschard - It's a Hard Life

You can read my general notes on the festival here. The most exciting discovery of the weekend down at this fairly locally-based festival came all the way from France. Stanley Brinks was formerly a member of Herman Dune, which explains his connection to Julie Doiron. Clemence Freschard (who performs under her surname) was also associated with that band — and both of them have also recorded with The Burning Hell, who made up the pair's backing band for this set. Freschard's material was an absolute delight, careening along a bit like some funhouse-mirror version of the Velvet Underground if they'd gotten hooked up with une chanteuse charmante de yé-yé instead of a stern Teutonic siren. (On record, she comes across like a casual, off-the-cuff counterpoint to, say, Keren Ann — a dig through her bandcamp page, starting with Boom Biddy Boom, is highly recommended.) The subtler material with Brinks fronting the band suffered a bit in comparison, but his recorded material, which roams from roots-rock to calypso, is pretty charming too.

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