Thursday, October 8, 2015

Recording: Diatribes

Artist: Diatribes

Song: [excerpt from first piece]

Recorded at Ratio, September 23, 2015.

Diatribes - [excerpt from first piece]

Putting together this show at Ratio, host Nick Storring programmed this Geneva-based duo between the Ido Govrin's restrained noise-wall and Bepoken's chamber experiments — which isn't a bad navigational cue for what the pair were up to. Combining intimately-scaled percussion and electronics, Cyril Bondi and d'incise crafted soundscapes that were conceptually indebted to (but not particularly evocative of) dub reggae. Implements included spring reverb, contact mic'd jar of water, steel wool, dollar-store handheld fan, cardboard tube, tart tins and more — but for all that there was a lot of space in the pair's sounds, and it was often quiet enough that you could heard the woosh of cars passing by down on College Street through the window.

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