Sunday, October 4, 2015

Recording: The Burning Hell

Artist: The Burning Hell

Song: Fuck The Government, I Love You

Recorded at Christie Pits Park – Garden Stage (Bloor Ossington Folk Festival V), September 19, 2015.

The Burning Hell - Fuck The Government, I Love You

You can read my general notes on the festival here. In my mind (perhaps because it's been so long since I saw 'em, and I seem to recall there was a ukulele involved) I always considered Mathias Kom's The Burning Hell to be.... well, a little precious. But to my pleasant surprise, the current incarnation was quite pleasingly-rockin' and intent upon having a fun time on stage. This new meet-cute he-said/she-said duet with Ariel Sharratt (which just saw a video release this week) might very well be a little precious, too — but it's intensely catchy and kinda a wonderful bit of romance, making for one of the festival's best moments.

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